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About Hoolah
Frequently asked questions

Our collaboration with hoolah provides you with a 0% interest financing option, allowing you to split your payment into 3 instalments paid over the span of 3 months.

Understand more about hoolah through the list of FAQs below.
What is hoolah?

hoolah is a financial technology (Fintech) company based in Singapore. It allows retailers like us to offer our customers to buy now and pay later – 3 equal installments over 3 months with 0% interest. No admin fees, mark-ups or hidden charges!

What payment methods does hoolah accept?

hoolah accepts Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards.

Does hoolah accept foreign cards?

Yes, hoolah accepts foreign Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards. However, you must have a valid Singapore NRIC or FIN number and a local phone number.

Is there a limit to the amount I can check out per transaction?

Yes, there is a limit of $2,400 per transaction. The cap amount is based on the cart total after excluding any coupon/ points redemption or discounts. Hoolah may increase the amount and we will update it in our website.

Who is eligible for using hoolah?

To use hoolah, you must:

  • Possess a Singapore NRIC or FIN number.
  • Provide a mobile phone number issued with a Singapore prefix (+65).
  • Provide a valid email address.
  • Provide a Visa and Mastercard credit card/debit card issued.
  • Be above 18 years old. If you are below 18 years old and would like to use hoolah for your items, please ask your parents or guardians to purchase on your behalf.
Do I need to place a deposit?

No, you do not have to place a deposit with hoolah to use their service.
There will be no admin fees, mark-ups or hidden charges. There are no processing fees as well. You pay what you see!

What does the hoolah checkout flow look like?

The hoolah checkout flow is easy and quick, taking ~30 seconds for new hoolah users and under 10 seconds for existing hoolah users.
For new users, please refer to this explainer page: Hoolah Installments.

Why does hoolah require NRIC or FIN information?

hoolah uses modern technology to confirm your identity, which includes using your NRIC or FIN. hoolah takes these steps in some cases to counter fraud and provide the most accurate credit decision they can.
The information you enter allows hoolah to seamlessly and instantly determine if your transaction can be supported by hoolah, without having to conduct any tedious credit checks or applications forms.

Why am I unable to purchase with hoolah?

We have no information regarding why you may have been rejected from using hoolah. hoolah strives to allow everyone to use their services to pay in installments, but they can’t guarantee these services to everyone. Unfortunately, hoolah’s decision is final.
If you have further questions, please start a chat with hoolah support on their website – https://www.hoolah.co/.

What happens if my card is lost, stolen or cancelled?

If your ATM, Debit or Credit card is lost or stolen, please block your card immediately by using your financial institution (E.g. DBS) online services and request for a replacement instantly.
While waiting for your replacement card, please inform hoolah at customer.support@hoolah.co, and hoolah can make the necessary changes to your payment method (E.g. Using a different card for the time being).