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At Ernest Borel, 163 years of impeccable watchmaking heritage is celebrated in the ROMANTIC SERIES, a collection that seals the brand’s reputation as watchmaker for lovers with horological connotations of transcendent love that adorn the wrists of him and her.

Upholding the timeless essence of romantic elegance passed down from generation to generation, the ROMANTIC SERIES now boasts an exquisite array of couple watches as tokens of everlasting glamour


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The Heritage Automatic Collection is a signature of the ROMANTIC SERIES where traditional horological craftsmanship, exquisite modern techniques and creative inspirations converge to present a luxury hybrid of modernity and classic style. From the well-proportioned bezel and case to the positioning of the Clean curved surface baton indexes and to the setting of delicate 2-tone finishing hands every detail is a flawless rendition of the ceaseless pursuit of the most exquisite design in terms of artistry, aesthetic and functionality, which comes together to form myriad models of legendary couple watches epitomising the time-honoured, classic and minimalist attributes of Swiss-made timepieces.


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The Story

1940s – During the ruthless turmoil of the Second World War in the 20th century, countless families and couples were separated and their agony was unfathomable.

Myth of the Aquamarine
Also known as the ‘mascot stone’, the aquamarine is a token of peace and ‘the gemstone of love’. In Greek mythology, a handsome but lesser deity of wind Anemoi, i.e. wind deity called Roland was entangled in a forbidden love affair with a woman on Earth. The deity gave up his life for his beloved and, as he approached his end, he begged Venus the goddess of love to seal his soul in the aquamarine to bless humans with true love. The gemstone becomes a symbol of sweet love and blissful marriage, as well as a birthstone of March.

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Adamir Debrot, the chief designer of Ernest Borel whose enlisted friend was separated from his lover, drew inspiration from this ‘gemstone of love’ to create the Aquamarine matching timepieces to bless the couple with peace and loyalty.

Under the dire circumstances in wartime, the Aquamarine matching timepieces delivered the couple to their reunion after the war as a luck charm. Since then, the couple watches of flawless design and blissful connotation has become a significant token of joyous love and luck, and the Aquamarine collection a sought-after bestseller of the time.


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The Heritage Automatic Collection

In 2019, Ernest Borel taps into the Neoclassic style to present the flawless replica of the famous original Aquamarine couple watches created more than 70 years ago. The new iteration revives the legendary token of love as it champions the genuine blessing for a blissful, everlasting relationship for all couples in the world. Entitled the Heritage Automatic Collection and released in a limited run of 999 pairs worldwide – a number that alludes to eternal love in Chinese – the replica matching timepieces boast a vintage dial imbued with original textures and stylish elements, reworked through advanced technology to write the new chapter of the timeless romance.

Available in a limited quantity of 999 pairs worldwide and marked with unique serial numbers, the Heritage Automatic Collection’s N0431G0A-MS8L & N0431L0A-MS8L matching timepieces flawlessly restore the classic magnificence of the original Aquamarine watch.

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Genuine essences of the timeless classic perfectly reinstated:

Classic details of the Aquamarine watch reimagined – Drawing inspiration from the Aquamarine models originated in the 1940s, the replica couple watches boast dials with two laser-engraved logos, including the classic pas de deux at 6 o’clock and the butterfly pattern used in the ’40s at 12 o’clock, whose IP silver plating finish adds a layer of silver-white lustre that chimes with the delicate 2-tone finishing hands for a dramatic sense of volume alluding to wisdom amassed over the course of history.

Unique curved-shaped details – The limited-edition couple watches celebrate the delicate design of the Aquamarine antique timepiece of the Swiss watchmaker, whose perfect combination of curved-shape dial / indexes and box shape sapphire crystal form the ultimate reinterpretation of the iconic silhouette and the splendid return of the masterpiece after decades.

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The relaunched models also feature various design details embellished with stylish modern elements:

Ultra-slim movement – Driven by a state-of-the-art Swiss-made slim mechanical movement, the watches dazzle the senses with lightweight comfort.

A stylish black-and-white leather strap coordination – Breaking away from conventional design of Ernest Borel couple watches, this set of timepieces features a contrasting combination of leather straps in black and white for him and her respectively as a nod to the latest trends for couples to nail their matching outfits with effortless chic.

Curved-shape dial with Sunray brushed finishing dial – The Sunray brushed finishing texture in brown gradient colourway that appears lighter towards the centre gives the dials a touch of mesmerising glamour when viewed from different angles.

Bezels of exquisite craftsmanship – The nuance of proportion between the bezel and the case adds a precise touch of volume to the visual impact of the watches, whose minimalist style speaks to the intellectual depth of the wearers and the exquisite heritage of Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship.


The Heritage Automatic limited-edition matching timepieces — a legendary token of blissful love and romance for all couples in the world, and a classic masterpiece to be passed down from generation to generation.

Available in a limited quantity of 999 pairs worldwide with only limited pairs available in Singapore, head down to any All Watches boutiques and get your hands on these tokens of everlasting glamour before they are gone.

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