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Ball Watch Roadshow



Be the first to unmask the new BALL Engineer Hydrocarbon Submarine Warfare Ceramic Chronograph in Singapore during the BALL WATCH roadshow, happening from 30 September to 6 October 2019. BALL Watch will also be showcasing their latest novelties such as the Engineer III Ohio, Engineer Hydrocarbon Submarine Warfare Ceramic and Engineer Hydrocarbon Racer Chronograph, expanded collections and their most sought after timepieces. In addition to an array of watches for your selection, you will also receive exclusive BALL merchandise with every purchase.

Mark your calendar and join us in discovering the extraordinary strength of BALL watches that enable them to confront the most adverse conditions with complete peace of mind for the wearer.

Venue: Bugis Junction, Hylam Street
Date: 30 September to 6 October 2019
Time: 10.30am – 9.30pm






The Engineer Hydrocarbon Submarine Warfare Chronograph is a professional instrument with an audacious attitude that is built to descend into the darkest depths with robust luminosity. Its Amortiser® patented anti-shock system and patented crown protection ensure toughness to battle the elements. Low visibility or complete darkness. Land or water. No matter the conditions, the Submarine Warfare Chronograph illuminates elapsed time with its 18-19 micro gas tubes on the hands and dial. The hour markers on the dial are constructed of elevated baton style micro gas tubes of different sizes and colors for a bright look, while all the hands also feature the legendary self-powered tubes. All-around readability in all dark environments.

Equipped with a Swiss automatic mechanical BALL RR1402 movement, the timepiece runs with perfect precision and records accumulated time up to 12 hours. Carved from a block of titanium, the Submarine Warfare Chronograph is undeniably tough. The strength of its case is complemented by the robust unidirectional rotating bezel.

Featuring 60-minute graduations and a micro gas tube inset or SuperLumiNova, the bezel enables divers and explorers to easily measure elapsed time. Around the wearer’s wrist, a stainless steel bracelet deliver durability and strength to protect against various impacts – from everyday wear and tear to harsh collisions. The Submarine Warfare Chronograph allows deep exploration thanks to its 300 meters robust water resistance. Going further, the patented buckle withstands up to 1,400 newtons of force, making it possible to explore the world knowing security is at hand. The Submarine Warfare Chronograph has undergone intense testing and meets BALL watch’s accuracy standards – all to ensure its accuracy in the most demanding situations. Whether diving in the ocean or traversing rugged terrain, the timepiece guarantees precise timekeeping.




The Engineer III Ohio is one of BALL’s most practical and sophisticated timepieces that reflects the extensive and experienced heritage of the brand.
Boasting a conservative 40mm case embracing the Ball RR1102 automatic movement and a screwed-in crown, The Engineer III Ohio promises a shock resistance of 5,000Gs and a water resistance of 100m. Housed within the scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass is a warm off-white dial set with a total of 15 micro gas tubes on the hour, minute, second hands and dial for night reading capability.
The most unique feature of the Engineer III Ohio is the use of 904L stainless steel that fortifies its strength and reliability. 904L grade stainless steel is unlike any other steel. Due to its extra amounts of chromium, molybdenum, nickel and copper, 904L steel features superior resistance to corrosion, rust and acids. While its unique hardness allows it to withstand extreme conditions, it also requires special machinery and production processes in order to be shaped. Visually, 904L grade steel has a beautifully high polish and ages exquisitely well.




The Engineer Hydrocarbon Submarine Warfare Ceramic is the Ultimate Explorer’s Watch benefiting of exceptional resistance and exclusive patented innovations as a triple folding buckle, a crown protection, anti-shock protection systems, the Amortiser® and the SpringLOCK®.
Designed from the ground up for serious diving, the Engineer Hydrocarbon Submarine Warfare Ceramic is powered with a Chronometer COSC-certified BALL RR1102-C movement and comes equipped with 15 micro gas tubes on hour, minute and second hands and dial for night reading capability. The watch is water resistant to 300meters/1000ft featuring a screwed-in crown with BALL’s patented crown protection system, patented Mu-metal shield for unsurpassed anti-magnetic of up to 80,000A/m. and shock resistant to 7,500Gs. Featured for the first time in this collection, the Engineer Hydrocarbon Submarine Warfare Ceramic is built with a luminous ceramic unidirectional rotating bezel for exceptional night time legibility.




The Engineer Hydrocarbon Racer Chronograph is a complex model combining hours, minutes, seconds and date functions. A true race enthusiast, it is also equipped with a chronograph that makes dashboard counters pale in comparison, while its brushed steel or ceramic bezel is punctuated by a tachymetric scale allowing it to monitor speed at any time.
Powered with a COSC-certified BALL RR1401-C movement for maximum precision, a total of 15 micro gas tubes on hour and minute hands and dial for unparalleled brightness in the dark, water-resistant up to 100m, patented Crown Protection System and resistant to shocks of up to 7,500 g and magnetic fields of up to 4,800 A/m, the Racer Chronograph is the ideal tool to take on extreme terrain. The Racer Chronograph is finished with a tapered stainless steel bracelet with patented folding buckle & extension system. The contrast of the exterior links’ brushed finish with the interior links’ polished appearance adds a chic touch to the bracelet’s sporty look.