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Inspired by the brand essence ‘Romantic moments last a lifetime’, Swiss watch manufacturer Ernest Borel builds its reputation by fusing elegance and craftsmanship in their highest forms. Every Ernest Borel creation encapsulates the quintessence of Swiss watchmaking and romance, consolidating the manufacturer’s legacy as “The Paragon of Swiss-made Couple Watches”.

This Valentine’s Day, let Ernest Borel brings you a spot of romance and whimsy with it’s “I DO” campaign in a romantic amusement park theme.

The amusement park, without a doubt, is one of the popular choices for couples to go on a romantic date and create some fun-filled and thrilling sweet memories on the ferris wheel: a perfect two seater to enjoy private moments, romantic view of the city lights and share feelings for each other. What better way to create a lasting memory of this romance than with an ingeniously romantic timepiece? Here’s some exciting pair novelties offering a graceful reinterpretation of the subtle, practical, romantic and tasteful characters of its signature collection.



Hitch on board the ‘Cosmic’ star ship and watch the world go by from the blissful orbit of love. The spark of love lights up every detail of this affectionate collection crafted to celebrate every moment of eternal love.

The new Cosmic couple collection features delicate lines radiate from the centre of the dial, resembling the mysterious orbits in the galaxy. The warm lustre of the bracelet contrasts with Roman numeral markers and glittering diamonds, while thanks to the painstaking craftsmanship of the watchmaker, the splendid case and bracelet flawlessly join with each other. Compact and light as always, the collection also presents several remarkable updates, the dial of men’s watches is enlarged from 37mm to 40mm – a metaphor of expanded love and tolerance. One more hand is added to the dial to improve functionality of the timepiece. The intricate Swiss-made quartz movement represents a miniature universe on the wrist, inviting you to unleash your imagination on the craft of love.



Braque, a famous French artist of the 20th century and founder of the ‘Cubism’ art movement, integrated romantic feelings and attitude towards life into his paintings and sculptures, leaving a far-reaching impact in Europe. Drawing inspiration from Cubism, Ernest Borel condenses its three-dimensional world into two dimensions, and creates its very own definition of Cubism in terms of watchmaking, with gradation of form and texture, and a sophisticated play on light and shadow.

Inheriting the momentum of the collection, the Braque automatic couple watches highlights the perfect combination of geometric art and fashion design and instilled with romantic legend. The guilloché motif in the dial centre creates a sense of generous space and depth, while the diamond hour-markers represent a departure from standard conventions exuding a more impressionist vision. A cleverly executed interpretation of the geometry of shapes for a timepiece that is anything but ordinary.



Elegantly clean as always, this Yally couple collection further impress with the added luxury of rose gold elements. The 316L stainless steel case and bracelet are solid and reliable, just like how you would want your love to be. The see-through back clearly displays the mechanical aesthetics through the motion of gears in the Swiss high-end movement.

Each Roman numeral index made by stainless steel with the polishing processing is dazzling and beautiful – the 12 Roman numerals circle the dial in order, resembling a line of loyal guards or a monument with a timeless epigraph. With the hour and minute hands evolved from the classic lozenge hand, the tips of which are shaped to be finer pinpoints. The hour and minute hands illuminated with green fluorescent glow at night possess eye catching detail. Furthermore, the new dial is equipped with a date window at 3 o’clock, reminding you of every important day not be missed.