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 Garmin MARQ




It began more than 30 years ago. Engineers Gary Burrell and Dr. Min Kao had a vision: to be the global leader in GPS technology for aviation, marine, automotive, fitness and outdoor. That vision would become a reality, with Garmin creating products essential to the lives of its customers.

For the first time in decades, authenticity and functionality have returned to the tool watch category. For Garmin, it is the brilliant culmination of a vision. An inspiration for new adventures. And a celebration of those who confidently break new ground.

The MARQ Collection is made by Garmin engineers with total control over the creation and assembly of each and every watch. Each modern tool watch is uniquely crafted to be an outward expression of the owner’s personality, interests and ambitions. MARQ integrates revolutionary technology with superior design materials such as titanium, sapphire, ceramic, diamond-like carbon coating, jacquard-weave nylon and Italian vacchetta leather. Each watch is exquisite in its execution — and as inspiring as its owner.

The process for creating these superior watches is unique, using optical bonding and alignment, water pressure testing, and thermal, shock and abrasion trials. The result is a demanding material design, taking the known Garmin reputation for quality to the next level and beyond.

 Garmin MARQ

The MARQ Collection is destined for those who aspire to the lifestyles Garmin have redefined over decades of innovation. For them, Garmin present these magnificent modern tool watches — a product that stands for what Garmin is to them which “marks” them clearly as EXPLORER, ATHELETE, PILOT, DRIVER and MARINER

 Garmin MARQ